MBA salary in Dubai

MBA salary in Dubai

MBA salary in dubai


Dubai is one of the world's most well-known commercial hubs. That more than half of the world's largest corporations have headquarters here attests to this. While Dubai is well-known as a business centre, it is also a popular tourist and educational destination. Business schools from across the globe are setting up shop in Dubai, which is quickly becoming a sought-after location for a wide range of academic pursuits.


Dubai offers a wide variety of business schools to choose from. To prepare students for entry-level roles, business programmes at leading Dubai MBA colleges help students acquire the necessary abilities and attitudes. In these programmes, students are taught how to identify, evaluate, and solve difficult business issues in a wide range of areas such as marketing and general management. Students who graduate from these programmes will be well-prepared to take on leadership roles in companies of all sizes, whether they're little start-ups or global conglomerates.


The BBA and MBA programmes provided by universities in the United Arab Emirates are specifically designed to assist students get the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in today's highly competitive business environment. Students may learn about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses through the MBA programme. So, if you're thinking about going to business school, Dubai is a great place to start your search.


There are several attractive and rewarding employment options available to those with a business degree from a reputable institution. Managing, planning, coordinating, and controlling an organization's financial components are all part of these Dubai programmes. Investment management, taxes, insurance and wealth management are just some of the specialisations that may be found in these degrees. These experts examine and evaluate economic trends, balance risk and profitability, and take every essential action to empower the company.


When you enroll in an MBA programme at one of Dubai's finest schools, you'll get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the business world. MBA students are known to demand the highest wages and provide the most room for advancement among their peers. Students who graduate with an MBA or BBA join a large network of professionals working in some of the world's most prestigious corporations. It is during this course that the student's mind opens up to new possibilities.


Why choose MBA in Dubai

An MBA in Dubai may provide you with a plethora of career options. This will provide the kids the information and motivation they need to launch their own businesses. Business programmes aren't only about textbook information; they also teach students how to deal with real-world issues and develop problem-solving skills.


In 2021, one of the most significant benefits of attending a business school in Dubai is that it will provide students the opportunity to work anywhere in the globe. Entrepreneurial thinking and brand value are two benefits of a business administration degree.


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular programmes for students who are looking for work. Once they've finished, the pupils will be well-prepared for a career in manufacturing. An MBA professional is a critical part of any company's management team, and that's why they're so important. A variety of businesses, institutions or organisations may be found in all sectors, including government and the general public.


As a result, business school programmes may be tough for students, as they are placed directly in the middle of the working world. Students learn how to deal with a variety of situations and situations in the working world. During the MBA programme, students are prepared for both the good and the bad.


It is possible to study all of the marketing parts of a firm with an MBA in marketing. Business growth, brand marketing, product management, and consumer behavior are just a few of the topics that are addressed in this area. Students who complete an MBA in Dubai are prepared for a wide range of executive and leadership roles. Core subjects including accounting, corporate management, advertising, product quality assurance, human resources, and so on are covered in BBA and MBA programmes at BBA institutions in Dubai.


Salary of an MBA in Dubai:

Although it is not a must, having an MBA is a huge asset. DH 30,000 to DH 50,000 is the salary range. Getting an MBA from a well-known business school will help you advance your career and get the valuable experience you'll gain from it.


Aspiring business leaders should consider a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This training provides a solid foundation for a career and opens the door to a broad range of professional opportunities.


BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration), although technically a graduate-level curriculum, may also provide a solid grounding in business management. Some colleges offer specialist BBA degrees, such as BBA in Insurance & Banking and BBA in Family Business & Entrepreneurship, in addition to the standard six-semester, three-year general management curriculum. The BBA and MBA programmes both provide a wide range of job options in financial services, retail, insurance, and building and construction.


Reasons to seek an MBA or BBA include the following:

Dubai is a well-known centre for business, higher learning, and leisure travel.

  • Excellent training for all-around growth
  • Pay and advancement prospects
  • Expanded knowledge raises the stakes


MBA and BBA programmes offered by business institutions in Dubai will help you learn the ins and outs of business and professionalism.


Dubai's Highest-Paying MBA Positions

One of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees is a Master of Business Administration. The course's popularity may be attributed to a variety of factors. Some of the key advantages of an MBA degree are higher income, greater career possibilities, improved business networks, the learning of new skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the business world.


Work Opportunities in Dubai

While the Middle East's oil and petroleum sector is at an all-time low, other sectors have witnessed annual growth and a favorable forecast for employment. You may expect to earn more in the Middle East, notably in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, if you hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA). If you have an MBA, you may expect to have one of the highest paid positions in the Middle East. As time goes on, the number of those affected grows.


The Benefits of Having an MBA on Your Resume

For an MBA, there is no one-stop shop. In the financial sector, you may work as an analyst or consultant or go into investment banking; in the marketing sector you might work in jobs such as marketing or advertising. Only if you pay attention to your career will you be able to realise the full potential of your MBA degree.


There are several sectors in which you may find a job. In Dubai and the Middle East, there is a high demand for MBAs in the following fields:


  • Construction; Banking and Finance; Electronics and Communications; Healthcare IT and Telecom; and IT and Telecom.
  • Any of the aforementioned fields are readily accessible to anyone with an MBA.


The Middle East's highest-paying MBA positions

Your MBA degree and Middle Eastern businesses' growth should prompt you to search for high-paying positions in the region.


  • The CEO's Extensive Professionals

If you have more than 25 years of expertise in a sector and an MBA or a double MBA, you are clearly a top member of the company. If you want to be a CEO, you'll need an MBA, a tonne of work experience, and a network of people you can call on to help you get the job done.


Dh70,000-Dh120,000 (about)


  • Financial Officer (CFO)/Finance Manager

MBAs with a focus on finance are in high demand for positions in the industry. Credit manager, Head of Credit in a bank, Chief Financial Officer, etc. are all possible career paths for you. A significant amount of experience and advancement through the ranks may be required to get to this position.


Amount Paid: Between Dh35,000 and Dh90,000


  • Manager of Business Development

Opportunities abound in the IT sector. You may acquire a position as a development manager if you have a lot of experience and a professional approach. An MBA is a need if you want to work as a development manager or in a more senior position in the sector.


DH 33,000 – DH 75,000 is the salary range.


  • Power Plant Manager/Engineering Manager/Construction Manager.

Engineer? And are you interested in taking your technical career to the next level? A construction manager, a power plant manager, or an engineering manager may all benefit from an MBA in engineering. There is a need for relevant experience, and an MBA helps you get there faster.


DH 23,000 – DH 70,000 in monthly salary


  • Director of Public Relations, Executive Director, or Advertising Creative Director, etc.

Make your way up the corporate ladder by obtaining a marketing or business degree. When you've accrued a substantial amount of experience in your chosen profession, you're qualified for this job. The majority of directors begin their careers as a graduate student trainee. This position requires an MBA in marketing.


Amount Paid: Between Dh35,000 and Dh68,000


  • Manager of Sales

Although it is not a must, having an MBA is a huge asset.


DH 30,000 to DH 50,000 is the salary range.


Take the next step in your career by earning an MBA from a top business school, and you'll enjoy the rewards of your hard work and education.


Internships for MBAs in the United Arab Emirates

In order to graduate from a full-time MBA programme, students must complete a summer internship. Typically, interns begin with lower-level duties before progressing to higher-level responsibilities. In financial services internships, data analysis and financial model creation may be the first tasks undertaken.


Employers may offer full-time positions to MBA interns after they complete their internships as a kind of training. Depending on the length of their internship and the quality of their report, MBA interns may get academic credit for their work. A monthly salary of 35,000 AED is possible for an intern in the field of business administration. Internships may be found in the following ways:


  • Job Fairs at Colleges and Universities
  • At the school's career centre,
  • Recruiting Activities
  • Alumnae & Friends Association
  • Internship Databases and Job Boards
  • LinkedIn, Glassdoor, IvyExec, etc. are examples of online resources.


What are the best methods for locating UAE MBA positions?

One of the best places for MBA students to get work is Dubai. International students find it simpler to live both outside and within their workplaces because of the city's diverse population. Work permits for overseas students in the UAE are another unique selling point of living and working in Dubai. Obtaining a work permit in the United Arab Emirates has never been easier thanks to the government's efforts to streamline the process.


For the first time, international students will be able to apply for a five-year visa. However, if you want to remain in the UAE, you will have to apply for a resident visa there as well. Foreign nationals who desire to work in the country will also need a work permit. Work permits in the UAE must be renewed 30 days before they expire if they are to remain valid for a period of time ranging from one to three years.


However, before you can begin the process of obtaining your UAE work visa and permission, you must first find a company ready to engage you.


The employment visa for Dubai, or any other emirate in the United Arab Emirates, has special provisions in place to ensure that employees' rights are protected.


In the United Arab Emirates, how does one go about obtaining a work permit?

These licences are issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The work permit must be obtained by your employer on your behalf. The following details describe the steps involved in applying for a work visa in the United Arab Emirates:


  • the online gateway of the Ministry of Labor, Tas'Heel, for obtaining and submitting work permit applications.
  • The submission of the essential documentation
  • In the event that the application is found to include errors, the ministry will require a re-submission.
  • Obtaining the nod from the company's website.
  • A work permit may be issued within five working days of the Ministry receiving all of the necessary paperwork.



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