List of Top Construction Companies in UAE

List of Top Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

Seven unique emirates glow up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The construction sector in the United Arab Emirates is one of the world's biggest. Iconic Skyscrapers may be located all over the globe, but the world's highest skyscrapers can be found in Dubai. The world's greatest infrastructure and one of the world's tallest structures have made Dubai a popular tourist destination for many years now. 

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the world's greatest and fastest-growing areas because to the world's largest building sector. In Dubai, there are a number of megaprojects in the works. 

Dubai boasts one of the biggest construction businesses in the world. There are important building enterprises in the UAE. 


In this post, we have identified the Top 10 Construction Companies in UAE. 

AL Futtaim Group

AI-Futtaim is a Multi-disciplinary Engineering company which is active in various nations like the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar. 

This firm offers a comprehensive variety of High-Quality goods and services in the Construction Industry which includes Air conditioning, Life safety and Control, building materials, Scaffolding, Elevators and Escalators etc. 
High-quality products from AI-Futtaim Engineering meet the needs of the construction industry. 
The business is also involved in other Megaprojects. The owner of the firm is Abdulla Al Futtaim and CEO is Omar Al Futtaim. 
This firm was first developed and founded in the UAE in 1974. 
The organisation is situated in Dubai and handles numerous companies all across the Globe. 
The organisation gives a dynamic and secure atmosphere to its workers which allows them to function Efficiently with optimum productivity 
The Recent Projects which are done by the AI-Futtaim are as follows 

  • Abu Dhabi commercial bank 
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank headquarters supply and the Introduction of Elevator in Platinum Tower 
  • Construction of Sara Tower 
  • Construction of Business Park 
  • Dubai Metro project 
  • Dubai Municipality 
  • Dusit Thani hotel 

AL Habtoor Group

The company is the developer of Al Habtoor City, which includes Noora, Amna, and Meera, a combination of three residential structures.

AI Habtoor is one of the major construction firms in Dubai. 

The firm has been one of the major contractors in the building sector since 1970 and handles Mega construction projects in Dubai. 

Through its subsidiary Habtoor Hospitality L.L.C., Al Habtoor owns and operates one of the best and Metropolitan Hotel brands, that includes seven hotels in Dubai and Jordan. Al Habtoor Real Estate manages various major Dubai properties, such as the enormous complex including Al Habtoor Residence, Habtoor House, Metroplex-the Entertainment & Leisure Complex. 

It is one of the Top Construction and Engineering businesses in the Middle East with several Megaprojects in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Jordan. 

Arabian Construction Company

An Arabian construction firm is one of the major construction companies in the UAE which involves the building of some of the Middle East and India’s Most famous construction projects. An Arabian construction business is devoted to protecting the safety and health of the personnel of an Arabian construction company and the individuals who are associated with their projects. The Arabian construction firm was created in the year 1967 in Lebanon. 
This company contains one of the most Iconic monuments from ultra high rise luxury complexes to diverse hotels, hospitals and Tallest skyscrapers. ACC serves its customers with consistent and dependable performance with one of the highest quality processes in the Construction Industry. 

An Arabian construction business is specialist in the construction of skyscrapers and completed up to now a total four out of Top 30 highest buildings in the world. Arabian Construction Company operates in a total of 7 nations all over the globe in the construction sector. An Arabian construction business is placed second in the Top primary contractor’s category by the Council on tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in their book ‘100 of the World’s Tallest Building’ The Arabian construction firm was won by the British Safety Council International safety award in 2017 for the building of the Mountain views and sky view project in Downtown Dubai. 
The major projects which are done by Arabian construction firm are as follows 

  • Making of Burj Mohammed bin Rashid Abu Dhabi. 
  • Construction of Gate Towers. 
  • The World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi 
  • Sun and Sky Towers 
  • Mountain vistas 
  • Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi. 

Arabtec building business 

Arabtec building firm is one of the finest and most actively traded and one of the biggest construction groups in the Middle East. The Arabtec Building firm offers its services in the construction of Residential, commercial, gas, infrastructure, electricity, facilities management and property development sectors in the United Arab Emirates. The Arabtec construction firm was created in the year 1975 by Riad Burhan Kamal. 
The corporation had its headquarter in Dubai, UAE. Arabtec holding was the first private business which was listed on the Dubai financial exchange in the year 2005. It typically operates and delivers its services in the building business in the mechanical Electrical and plumbing oil and gas and power areas. The firm also makes the precast panels and builds steel structures as well as ships ready-mixed concrete. Arabtec has accomplished various landmark construction projects which includes the world’s tallest structure Burj Khalifa. Arabtec has a commercial relationship with several prominent construction and glamour rates all over the world. 
One of the prominent and the famous projects which are performed by Arabtec construction firm are as follows 

  • Construction of commercial Dubai Maritime City 
  • Construction of stadium and residential complex in Dubai

A subsidiary of the Saudi Binladin Group 

An international construction firm based in the United Arab Emirates, the Saudi BinLadin Group is one of the largest. 

Saudi Binladin Group Limited is a leading construction firm that provides a wide range of services, including architectural design, engineering design, civil engineering, marine engineering, electrical engineering, power generation, general contracting, and real estate development. 
Saudi BinLadin's services are available in a variety of nations throughout the globe. 

The firm was created in Saudi Arabia in 1931 and is still based there. 
Bangladesh, Pakistan, the United States, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are the nations where the firm provides its services. 
The following are some of the company's most notable projects: 

  • The New Hajj Terminal Project VIP Military Hospital of King Saud University 
  • Contracting Firm-Ato General 


One of the greatest Infrastructure companies, ATCO provides an efficient business model and high-quality work. 

Workspace management is the company's most popular offering. 
Using only the best materials, the firm will make sure that your building is constructed to your specifications and in a climate-controlled setting. 

The firm has been in business for more than 70 years. 
Many innovative building design solutions and production technologies have been created by ATCO, a modular construction industry pioneer. 

From moving site offices to worker housing for multi-family residential buildings, the firm has a proven track record of delivering high-quality construction solutions. 
Additionally, the firm provides comprehensive construction services for a wide range of building projects. 

Construction firm Dutco 

Dubai-based Dutco Construction Company LLC is one of the Middle East's most prominent construction companies and manages several construction megaprojects and engineering-related industries. 
In addition to heavy civil engineering, Dutco is also a major player in the 5 Star world-class hotel business. 

Work drainage, building of bridges and dams, and other big civil engineering constructions are the company's primary areas of expertise. 
It is one of the UAE's largest construction firms. Civil engineering, mechanical and electrical works, soil improvement surveys, and reclamation pipeline engineering are some of the company's primary services. 

Dutco construction company's most notable projects include the following

  • Palm Island Interchange Building, which contains the Dubai Heritage Townhouses project in Dubai, is currently under construction. 

Wade Adams

It is safe to say that Wade Adams is a top-notch general contractor and project developer in the United Arab Emirates. 
Infrastructure company Wade Adams is among the top in the United Arab Emirates. 

The firm is known for its creative, high-quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly construction. More than 400 large-scale infrastructure development projects for both public and private customers have been accomplished by the business. 

With its design, construction, and development of all engineering disciplines, the organisation is well-versed in carrying out various Mega projects. Wade Adams is well-known in the construction sector for its environmentally friendly efforts and its commitment to high standards of craftsmanship. 

There is a wide range of competence within the organisation that includes interchanges, tunnelling and highway projects as well as water supply drainage and sewage systems as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. 

As a full-service construction and project development business, Wade Adams is equipped to tackle one of the most complex projects. 

The Wade Adams construction company's most notable projects are as follows. 

  • Over Sheikh Zayed Road, the Jafza flyover 
  • Expansion of City Road in the University District 
  • Work on a road named after Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed 
  • Al Khail Road to Financial Centre Road's directional ramp. 

Building Contractors of AI Naboodah 

UAE-based AI Naboodah construction is one of the major civil engineering building and MEP project companies. 
It is one of the best construction companies in the business that gives the best quality work. In Dubai, AI Naboodah Construction Company is one of the leading construction firms. Projects ranging from world-class golf courses to highway bridges and tunnels and dam structures were all delivered by the company's team in the United Arab Emirates. 

One of AL Naboodah Construction's most notable projects is as follows. 

  • The development of 40 luxury homes and towers in Dubai is one of the company's most notable projects: 
  • The renovation of two runways of Dubai International Airport 
  • Phase 3 of Dubai's bypass 
  • Service tunnels were designed and built by Pal Thailand. 
  • The Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Dubai 
  • Parallel Road construction projects 
  • Road and bridge construction The United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

The Laing O' Rourke 

An globally focused construction firm with world-class skills is privately held and owned by its employees. All of the company's engineering, construction, and asset management services are offered throughout the globe under an integrated business model. 

A renowned engineering and construction solutions provider, the business is a major player in the industry 
The first spherical structure in the Middle East is a spectacular Landmark for Aldar properties. 

A broad variety of mega-projects are handled by this organisation, which includes construction of transportation, electricity, mining, and natural resources across Europe, Canada and the Middle East. 

Among the company's megaprojects are the following: 

  • Palm Dubai's construction began in the 1990s. 
  • Manufacturing a Gold Coast in the Australian state of Queensland 
  • Abu Dhabi is currently building Al Raha Beach.



The government of Abu Dhabi has pledged an additional AED330 billion for major investments over the next five years, mostly focusing on social development, such as healthcare, education, housing, and selected critical transport projects. 

Despite the completion of the Downtown Dubai and Business Bay developments in Dubai, the city's expansion continues and construction activity remains strong. It has just been announced that Mohammed bin Rashid City will be built surrounding Dubai's second main airport, Maktoum International. Shopping mall "Mall of the World," a multi-use facility that includes retail stores, art facilities, and the world's largest shopping mall, is expected to be built here. 

The Cleveland Clinic and Al Mafraq New Hospital, two of Abu Dhabi's most important healthcare projects, have made significant progress. 
It has been a busy year for the UAE's government rail system (Etihad Rail), which was awarded a contract in 2012 and has already completed its first phase (Shah to Habshan). 

The goal is to connect Abu Dhabi and Dubai by 2016, with further expansions to Oman and Saudi Arabia in the future. In addition, preliminary plans have been made to expand Dubai's Metro system to connect to the federal rail network. 

A major development project in Dubai is the construction of Mohammed bin Rashid City (see above). Construction in Dubai will be affected by the decision on whether or not Dubai is granted the 2020 Expo. So, if this happens, Dubai's construction industry is likely to rebound and return to its pre-crisis high levels. 


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