List of Top Logistics Companies in Dubai

List of Top Logistics Companies in Dubai

Logistics Companies in Dubai


International trade and business have never been more intertwined than they are today. As a result, in order to compete, businesses must stay up. Businesses in Dubai have a chance to benefit as freight transportation becomes more desired. An additional distribution service might put you in a better position to provide superior services to international customers. Even if you're an expat living in Dubai and need to send significant items back to your home country, you should be aware of the logistics businesses that can help you. Let's see which logistics companies in Dubai provide the most diverse variety of services.



These shipping services may transport vital goods throughout the UAE and internationally.


JENAE LOGISTICS (Logistics Company)

Jenae Logistics, one of Dubai's leading shipping businesses, provides an excellent variety of conventional freight management services. Air freight consolidation, ocean freight for full-container or less-than-full container load services, sea to air transfers, procurement, and other services are available for rent.


The company's services begin with a thorough grasp of each client's supply chain needs. Sea Freight shipments, for example, are handled according to the schedule, pricing, and space allocation that best meet a client's needs. Additionally, complete visibility is provided via internet monitoring solutions that track shipments.


The following continents and nations are served by their cargo services:


  • Africa
  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • China
  • Europe
  • USA


Visit their official website to receive an estimate for a certain service.

Location: Cargo Mega Terminal, Emirates Sky Cargo Building, Dubai, Office No. 4079

Phone: (800) 53623


Jenae Logistics, one of Dubai's leading shipping and logistics firms, provides a variety of conventional freight management services.



PSL is another candidate for one of Dubai's top international shipping firms. The premier Dubai-based freight forwarder, which was founded in 1994, has a firm presence in the UAE logistics business, as seen by its extensive client list. Because all of their marine, air, and land activities are networked with online facilities at UAE Ports & Customs, the service is highly praised for its dependability. Overall, it is deserving of a place on the list of Dubai's finest shipping and freight forwarding firms.


They provide the following services:


  • Warehousing and storage for sea freight, air freight, and overland transport
  • Packing & Removals for Customs Clearance
  • Breakbulk and Project Management
  • Courier Deliveries
  • Car Lashing for Marine Insurance
  • Another factor to consider is that the PSL's team is well-versed in the freight forwarding industry, from paperwork to negotiating the best carrier prices to monitoring shipments in accordance with international trade standards.


Address: Office 401, fourth level, Bur Dubai's Shipping Tower

Contact: +971-55-419-8796 | +971-4-335-2970



Another prominent company that has made it into our list of shipping firms in Dubai is the Modern Freight Company. For more than 40 years, the ISO-certified freight transportation firm has been in operation.


Their list of services includes:


  • Ecommerce Project Cargo Customs Clearance Contract Logistics Freight Forwarding
  • MFC Concepts is a company that specialises in the development of
  • Extreme MFC
  • In the industry, their Freight Forwarding services are well regarded. The firm has shown to be a useful tool for commercial customers, including ocean, air, road, and a mix of sea and freight. Furthermore, a remarkable IT portfolio comprises services such as transportation management, warehouse management, and other logistical needs to keep shipments safe.


Overall, the Modern Freight Company is one of Dubai's most well-known freight forwarding firms.


Address: Jebel Ali Free Zone, between Junctions 6 and 7.

Phone number: +971-4-881-9600 / +971-4-881-9600 / +971-4-881-9600


Modern Freight Firm is a well-known Dubai shipping company that specialises in freight forwarding services.



Fast Track Shipping is another well-known shipping firm in Dubai that provides freight forwarding, storage, and logistics services. The services can meet the delivery needs of small, medium, and big organisations thanks to a competent workforce and a network of linked offices.


Their list of services includes:


  • Customs Clearance and Freight Management
  • Transportation on the Ground
  • 3PL Project and Chemical Logistics, Door-to-Door Delivery, Warehousing, and Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Fast Track Shipping specialises in air and marine freight transportation. Refrigerated containers for perishable items, insurance, bulk shipments for dry goods or liquids, less-than-container loads, and intercontinental shipping are all available with Sea Freight.


Fast Track Shipping deserves a position on our list as one of the most dependable container shipping firms in Dubai.


Address: Al Karama, Dubai.

+971-4-370-8777 is the phone number to call.



The next company on our list of shipping firms in Dubai is Linkage International. It was founded in 1983 and offers services to all of the world's main ports. The corporation transports goods by road, sea, and air from the Middle East, Far East, Africa, and Europe.


To keep charges affordable, the organisation collaborates with reputable sea and air courier providers. Its freight forwarding service is noteworthy, as it allows them to act on behalf of clients in pricing negotiations with carriers and the processing of difficult documentation.


Contact: +971-4-227-0309

Location: Suite #311, B-Block Baniyas Complex


MARITIME SEAMASTER (Logistics Company)

Seamaster Maritime's key freight services include vessel forwarding and delivery at ports all over the world. Short- and long-term warehousing, as well as packing, are available as additional services.


Seamaster Maritime also provides STS operations, storage, chartering, clearing, and delivery services in addition to freight forwarding. The business has a large network of sub-agents. All of their locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


+971-4-454-8770 is the phone number to call.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Office 205, second floor, Swiss Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers


Seamaster Maritime, one of our preferred Dubai shipping firms, provides freight services all over the world.



Global Shipping and Logistics, which has made it into our list of cargo shipping firms in Dubai, provides effective paperwork on behalf of clients.


Global Shipping and Logistics, another one of Dubai's numerous reputable shipping businesses, began operations in 1975. It has now grown to become a major business freight transportation supplier. Freight management, warehousing, and other services are among the company's offerings.


For organisations searching for dependable freight forwarding services for the transport of sensitive goods, Global Shipping and Logistics is a crucial partner. The service guarantees that all documentation is ready for examination by relevant bodies such as product registration and health authorities.


+971-4-885-1566 is the phone number to call.

Address: Green Community, Dubai Investment Park Dubai | Dubai Industrial City is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


STALCO (Logistics Company)

STALCO has been in business since 1974 and is an ISO-certified corporation with a well-established network of worldwide agencies. The company's freight forwarding services include air, ocean, and road freight, with the ability to handle any sort of goods.


Delivery of perishable or dangerous commodities, large cargo, air charters, air insurance, and consolidation are all examples of air freight forwarding. LCL, FCL, cross trade, BB (Break Bulk), groupage, and other ocean freight services are available. STALCO also provides clearing services to guarantee a hassle-free experience. End-to-end paperwork, truck insurance, customs clearance, and other associated services are all included.


Phone number: +971-4-393-4666 is the phone number to call.

Located on the 6th level of the Shipping Tower Building in Bur Dubai, just across from Port Rashid.



A truck transports a shipment container. Clarion provides some of Dubai's greatest shipping services, including land, sea, and air freight transportation.


Clarion Shipping is also on our list of shipping firms in Dubai that we recommend. The logistics service provider, which was founded in 1996, is a major NVOCC service that focuses on offering firms with cost-effective ways to deliver goods.


Clarion is an ISO-certified firm that provides specialised services for land, sea, and air freight. When it comes to air freight, the organisation specialises in Express Air Service, Perishable Goods Movement, AoG Cargo, and Valuable Cargo Movement.


Call:  +971-4-333-3852 for further information.

Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palace Tower 1, Offices 1802 and 1803.


SHIPPING BY AEON (Logistics Company)

Because of its wide variety of services, this company earns a spot in our list of the best shipping companies in Dubai. The evidence is in their service list, which encompasses everything from sea freight to cargo shipping, automobile transportation, and even pet relocations.


The service regions of Aeon Shipping span a wide variety of worldwide locations. Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Africa are among them.


Each cargo has its own tracking number at the firm. Clients may simply track their orders by visiting the official website of Aeon Shipping.


Call +971-600-500-509 for further information.

Address: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai.





The emirate's economy is prospering, and its seaports play a key part in keeping it that way. The Mina Rashid Port, Al Hamriya Port, and Jebel Ali Port are among Dubai's ports.



Do you need a parcel sent inside the UAE or to your home country? You may inquire about available delivery options by contacting the courier services in Dubai. Among the most well-known firms are Emirates Post, DHL, and FedEx. Alternatively, individuals looking for a low-cost solution could check into Dubai's inexpensive courier services.



Are you considering relocating? By hiring the top movers and packers in Dubai, you can make the procedure go more smoothly. TruKKers and E-Movers, for example, provide a variety of solutions for people in the UAE who want to relocate. We hope that our recommendations for reputable shipping services in Dubai will assist you in locating a freight solutions provider that is right for you.



Before beginning a logistics firm in Dubai, UAE, there are a few things you should know.


Given the advantages and benefits, there is no better area for a logistics company to operate on a global scale. However, there are a few factors to consider before establishing a logistics firm in Dubai/UAE:


Customs, documentation, and paperwork processes: you must be familiar with all customs procedures, paperwork, and documentation requirements. Before getting into the logistics sector, you should be well-versed in customs and the clearing procedure.

Having a face-to-face meeting with your client: In the logistics area, meeting one-on-one with the provider is incredibly beneficial since it enables clear communication between all parties involved and reduces the likelihood of any mistakes. Credit conditions with a formal agreement are also essential. This makes it easier to resolve any future conflicts.


Understanding the logistics sector: Dubai's logistics market is rather fragmented, with a huge number of vendors scattered around the UAE. This implies that hiring a seasoned firm is the best option. It will save you money if clearance fails, and it is typically well-versed in all customs procedures.


Dubai's logistics sector is set to thrive, thanks to the city's proximity to some of the world's biggest seaports and airports. It also has excellent road connections to the UAE's neighbouring Emirates and nations. It, if you want to start a logistics company to sell regionally, worldwide, or domestically, you may do so.


  • Setting up a logistics company in Dubai provides a number of advantages, including tax benefits, with businesses paying exceptionally low taxes.
  • This firm has no minimum capital requirements, no currency restrictions, and no visa restrictions.
  • Dubai has a free cargo and freight link, as well as free-zone privileges, which expands commercial options.
  • Dubai dominates the UAE logistics sector, accounting for about half of the total. While there are other jurisdictions to choose from, if you are serious about starting a company, Dubai is the place to go.
  • The location and infrastructure of Dubai make it an excellent supply and re-distribution hub. It is strategically placed at the crossroads of world commerce, making it well-positioned internationally and well-connected by air, sea, and land. As a result, it serves as a transshipment centre, meeting the demands of growing global trade blocs.


Furthermore, this is the greatest moment to invest in and establish a logistics business in Dubai. Dubai is an excellent alternative because of the UAE government's new regulations, flexible regulatory procedures, short timescales, and simple application and approval processes. Additionally, 100% ownership of the onshore firm is accessible, providing you entire control and flexibility to operate.

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