List of Software Companies in Dubai

List of Software Companies in Dubai

Software Companies in Dubai


In the midst of the global panic about the Y2K bug, Dubai's leaders envisioned a new era powered by technology and creativity. In the year 2000, the region's most important technological business community, dubbed "Dubai Internet City," was officially founded. Business activity and technical advancement have exploded in the last 19 years, far outstripping any predictions. It is estimated that more than 1600 enterprises are already operating in Dubai Internet City (DIC), a burgeoning hub for ICT innovation.





Because of this, DIC has grown to be a major communication and information technology center in the Middle East region.


As a result, Dubai Internet City is home to a slew of Fortune 500 firms such as Cisco and LinkedIn as well as Microsoft and Oracle as well as social media giants Facebook and IBM. There are 24,000 people working in Dubai Internet City, which is home to both large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. Dubai Internet City is home to a slew of U.S.-based firms that also serve as regional hubs.


An important goal of the Dubai administration is to make the city's economy more knowledge-based. These enterprises in Dubai Internet City have played an important part in shifting Dubai's economy away from an oil-based one. The whole project has been really well planned.

Those who want to live close to the region may do so in one of the adjacent residential districts, such as Dubai Marina, JLT, Barsha Heights, JBR, or Umm Suqeim. JLT apartments for rent are an option for those on a tight budget. In addition, DIC offers easy access to Umm Suqeim rental villas for individuals in need of extra space.

Companies in Dubai's technology sector choose to rent an office space at Dubai Internet City, where they have access to an extensive array of conveniences and services.



In Dubai Internet City, you'll discover skilled personnel, top-notch service providers, and a worldwide network of experts. Companies in Dubai Internet City who operate in a Free Zone have considerable advantages over their rivals who do not operate in a Free Zone. Among them are:


  • A tax exemption for 50 years
  • 100% of the company is owned by non-residents.
  • A complete return of all earnings
  • An Ethernet ecosystem in a metropolitan area.
  • World-class human resources are readily available
  • The business center, fitness center, medical security, restaurants, and 5-star hotels are all part of the world-class communications infrastructure.
  • Entrepreneurs should, however, keep in mind a few considerations before deciding to operate a firm in a Dubai free zone.



In addition to major corporations, Dubai Internet City is also home to a number of smaller businesses. DIC is a commercial and technological center, and firms from a variety of industries have set up shop there. Vodafone, Canon, Dell, Seimens, and more are some of the well-known enterprises in DIC. Here are some of the most well-known companies functioning in this area.



In Dubai, there are several internet and social media businesses. Internet City is engaged in the production and dissemination of audiovisual material of various kinds. People's appetite for online information has led to an increase in the number of these companies in recent years. Different applications might be developed via networking or an online platform could be offered. Content development, social media platforms, and administration services are offered by these firms in Dubai Internet City.


  • 3M Gulf Holdings, LLC
  • Google's FZ-LLC subsidiary
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Symantec Limited
  • Sony Africa and the Middle East
  • FZ-LLC Twitter Arabia
  • Facebook's FZ-LLC subsidiary
  • Companies in the field of telecommunications and networks include Gameloft FZ-LLC


Companies in the telecommunications and networking industries design, build, deploy, maintain, and alter networks on behalf of their customers. They can also provide network-based application support services. Dubai Internet City, on the other hand, is unable to manufacture or trade physical components for telecommunications and networks.


In Dubai Internet City, there are dozens of global firms and small businesses that provide telecommunications and network services. Among the most notable are:


  • Services provided by Amazon MENA FZ-LLC
  • AT&T Gulf States Communications Services, Inc.
  • Telecommunications giant China Mobile Aegean Sea FZ-LLC
  • International Cisco Systems, Inc. FZ-LLC
  • HTC Aegean Sea FZ-LLC
  • Huawei Technology (UAE) FZ-LLC
  • Houseys Middle East, LG Hausys
  • It's a subsidiary of General Electric Company, Inc.
  • MasterCard Middle East and Africa FZ-LLC
  • Solutions and Networks from Nokia MEA FZ-LLC is a limited liability company.
  • A subsidiary of Sony Mobile Communications AB
  • Asia-Pacific and Africa-Pacific regions of Samsung SDS
  • Communications giant Tata (Middle East) FZ-LLC
  • A.S. Telenor Global
  • Telecoms company Vodafone Enterprise Europe Ltd.



All organizations need IT help, even if it isn't an essential aspect of their daily operations. As a result, most IT services are outsourced. In Dubai Internet City, several IT service providers provide services such as localization, hands-on assistance, and corporate training.

Dubai Internet City is home to a slew of IT service providers. The following are a handful of the more popular ones.


  • A subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard MENA FZ-LLC
  • A subsidiary of Hitachi Data Systems, Inc.
  • The Dell FZ-LLC
  • Middle East FZ-LLC Deloitte Technology Consulting
  • Middle East FZ-LLC IBM
  • Lenovo Middle East and Africa Technology Global Services FZ-LLC
  • Solution Provider Aces FZ-LLC



In the last several years, e-commerce has exploded in popularity. The citizens of Dubai were among the first to embrace internet commerce. E-commerce enterprises have prospered as a result of this. In addition to purchasing and selling, these organizations collect and analyze data to better target their customers. In Dubai Internet City, there are several e-commerce enterprises.


  • CircleCom A delivery hero for the FZ-LLC company The FZ-LLC Evolve Media Ventures FZ-LLC FZ-LLC
  • Friendliness in the Market FZ-LLC
  • Greadeal Network Technologies Grays Mid East FZ-LLC
  • Hajzi Middle East and North Africa FZ-LLC
  • On-line services offered by Nasco Automotive FZ-LLC
  • a Snapshot of the Situation FZ-LLC
  • The FZ-LLC, Securesouq



It is the job of software businesses to create, install, or modify software. Whether it's for a third party or for their own items, this may be done. If you're seeking to build software for your business, the following software businesses in Dubai Internet City are available to you.


  • The 1001 App Software Options. FZ-LLC
  • Development of CKM's software FZ-LLC
  • Incorporated by Fiorano Software, Inc.
  • Financing Software FZ-LLC Kafi
  • MIDEAST Sage Software FZ-LLC
  • FZ-LLC Tibco Software



In today's environment, experienced Project Managers are in high demand. There are a lot of comparable positions at Dubai Internet City. Project managers are employed by a wide range of businesses. However, there are other firms who specialize in managing projects. In many cases, they're employed by third parties. Project management companies are also present in Dubai Internet City.


  • Gulf of Arcadis FZ-LLC
  • Global consultancy CH2M Hill and Delta Partners FZ-LLC
  • D&S gulf, Inc. FZ-LLC\se.Construct FZ-LLC
  • The following is a list of the eight most important FZ-LLC
  • Reaction Project Management by Gazprom Neft Business Service B.V. FZ-LLC
  • Assisting in the management of projects FZ-LLC
  • Consulting firm



Banking services are critical in Dubai Internet City, where there are more than 1600 firms. Dubai Internet City is home to branches of the following banks.


(Public Joint Stock Company) of Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD Bank, and Mashreq Bank, and (Public Joint Stock Company) of Dubai Islamic Bank


Due to the large number of enterprises operating in Dubai Internet City, some may need to engage legal counsel. In Dubai Internet City, there are now three legal consultants.


  • The Al Tamimi & Company FZ-LLC.
  • Law Firms and Legal Consultants of Al Wasl International
  • The Emirates Advocates DIC Restaurants


There are many food courts at Dubai Internet City to accommodate the vast number of workers in the area. Restaurants and cafés may be found in both Building 3 and Block 7 of Dubai Internet City. The following are a some of the more popular choices:


  • Subway Eatery
  • Bakery in France Coffeehouse
  • On Greams Road is a fruit shop.
  • Kamat Nandos Mikel Coffee Shop
  • Food delivery apps in Dubai are popular among many workers because of the abundance of nearby restaurants and the ease of ordering food from them.


Understanding which software development methodology a firm uses is an important element of the recruiting process. Agile, waterfall, DevOps, and rapid application are a few of the methods available. All methodologies have advantages and disadvantages, which might impact the time and cost of software creation.


Talk to previous customers, read reviews, and learn as much as you can about the development languages and processes the software firm is most experienced with when you begin discussions to employ a software development company. Matching your project's requirements, timetable, and budget is critical to locating the correct software development company.


If you're looking for the greatest software development company in Dubai, you're in luck! Find and contact with a software development company in Dubai using our list. Consider their case studies, project categories, and client evaluations to choose the perfect firm for you.




Between 10 and 49 employees

Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai Emirate of Arabia

Based in Australia and formed in 2013, Arcade Dev House is a full-service digital product development organisation. At least 50 people work for the company, which specialises in developing custom software for small businesses to large corporations.


Arcade Dev House was engaged by a residential building company to create a Punch List mobile app that would be more user-friendly and deliver a real-time update on the productivity matrix. The software was seen as a beneficial investment in efficient data input because of the work done by Arcade Dev House. Simple communication and regular updates from the team made it easy to work with. Everything was delivered on time, as promised.




EMPLOYEE SIZE: 50 to 249

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

The team at GP Solutions has successfully completed more than 350 IT projects for customers like Air Canada over the last 12 years. They provide a wide range of digital services, including website design and launch, and bespoke software development.


Recently, they have worked on an online business travel planner. Smart booking and other features were included into the app by GP Solutions' expert in order to make the app an all-in-one solution for passengers planning their next trip



There is a minimum project size of $10,000+.



It is a Google Premier Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as a full-cycle software development business, Flexsin. The software development company delivers unique solutions to small, medium, and big organizations.


In collaboration with 360EMR, Flexsin created a secure telemedicine online and mobile app. Doctors may use the app to answer patient queries, see appointments, and check payment history, while consumers can use it to schedule an appointment and follow illness/disease healing via graphical depiction.


The ITFAQ Systems & Software Trading Company, Inc.

There is a minimum project size of $10,000+.

EMPLOYEE SIZE: 50 to 249

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

ITFAQ Systems & Softwares Trading has developed e-commerce solutions for some of the world's most well-known brands, like Sarooh Hospitality and many more. This Dubai-based firm was established with the goal of becoming the best, and it has already built a name for itself by working with both large corporations and innovative start-ups.


Count on ITFAQ Systems & Softwares Trading to help Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts boost their strategy. A new strategy was implemented by ITFAQ Systems and Softwares Trading in order to showcase their most attractive features and increase customer interest and sales.



The minimum amount of money needed for a project is $25,000.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

For this reason, and many others, APPSTIRR has become a well-known name in mobile app development among businesses large and small. This New York-based advertising business has a proven track record of success.


While working with one customer, APPSTIRR has offered the firm with a broad range of services during the course of their long-term partnership. Included in this is user experience design (UX), UI, overall brand identity, and more...

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