Emirates ID status

Emirates ID status

Emirates ID status:


What is an Emirates ID?

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) is responsible for issuing Emirates IDs. All UAE nationals and residents are required by law to get one and carry it at all times.


Using the Emirates ID

  • to get access to public services
  • to cast a ballot in the Federal National Council elections.
  • in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for UAE citizens
  • to pass past the eGates and smart gates at a number of UAE airports


Please note that it is against the law to take the Emirates ID card of someone else, according to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Customers and tourists are not permitted to have their Emirates ID cards withheld from them by their employers. Only the data on the ID cards may be accessed. Holders of a card should notify law enforcement if there is a problem.


Features of an identification card

Components that make up the Emirates ID card enable the most accurate and secure identification possible. The following are the parts:


  • Public key infrastructure for smart cards (Digital signature and authentication certificates)
  • Biometric fingerprinting.
  • An alpha-numeric code that identifie


Known as the identity number, the card's unique identifier serves as a permanent reminder of its owner. He is eligible for all government and certain non-governmental and private sector services that demand an identification card as proof of who is accessing the service by this number. The uniqueness of the identifying number is highlighted. In all, there are 15 digits in it.


A microchip is an electronic component.

It's filled with the owner's private information. To authenticate the user's credentials, this data may be viewed by computers designed for this purpose. Encrypted data is only accessible to those who have the proper authority to read, write, and update it. This chip can hold up to 32,000 characters of text.


Other forms of innovation

The identification card has the latest smart card technologies, including ultra violet ink, precise lettering, and line drawing. In order to prevent the card from being tampered with, it incorporates nine security elements, which much above the present norms for many cards, including banking credit cards.


Get an Emirates ID

The eForm must be filled out at one of the authorised typing centres or online at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship's website in order to get an Emirates ID card (FAIC). You will get an SMS with instructions on how to register after submitting the application. To finish the process, the applicant must go to the registration centre stated in the SMS.


An Emirates ID may be obtained by completing an online application and submitting the needed papers and fees via the FAIC website.


GCC citizens and expatriate inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates.

If you're planning to bring a baby or a potential UAE resident into the country, FAIC has packages for you.


Your Emirates ID application should now be tracked.


ID from Emirates in under a day

With the FAIC's 24-hour urgent service, you may have your Emirates ID card in no time at all. "Fawri" is an emergency service that is offered for the mentioned rates plus an additional service charge.


For UAE residents and GCC nationals who are legally living in the United Arab Emirates, the service is offered to all age categories and may be accessed for: Registration renewals for expired cards for the first time


Cards that have been misplaced or destroyed

Expatriate residents who aren't GCC citizens are only eligible for an urgent service if they need to replace their identity cards since identity cards are connected to evidence of residence and other associated processes when they are issued or renewed.


Attend one of the FAIC Customer Happiness Centers and provide the documentation required to get this service.

At the following FAIC Customer Happiness Centers, service is available:


  • Abu Dhabi is home to both Al Jazeera and Khalifa City.
  • Abu Dhabi's Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya, and Karama neighbourhoods
  • Located in the Western Region is Madinat Zayed.
  • Al Ain Center Sharjah Center Ajman Center Fujairah Center Ras Al Khaimah Center Umm Al Quwain Center are the other major hubs in the emirate.


Getting a new Emirates ID number

Your Emirates ID expires after a certain period of time.


Late fees apply if an expired ID card is not renewed within 30 days of the expiration date.


The ID bearer must reapply for a new Emirates ID once their current one expires. In order to remind you to renew your ID card, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) will send you an SMS message. An approved typing centre or FAIC's website must be used to submit your renewal application in person.


There is a possibility that you may need to attend a service centre or a preventative medical centre in order to present your biometric information.


Is it possible to renew an Emirates ID before it expires?

Between six and one month before the expiration date, UAE citizens may request for a renewal of their Emirates ID.

When a UAE resident's visa is renewed or reissued, they may apply for a renewal.


The renewal terms and conditions for UAE citizens, GCC nationals, and residents are outlined in the following links:


  • Obtain a new identification card for citizens
  • Renew your ID card as an expat
  • The eForm's user guide for customers.
  • Replacement of an Emirates ID card that has been lost, stolen or destroyed


If you have lost or think that your Emirates ID card has been stolen or damaged, you must immediately contact the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity to obtain a replacement of your Emirates ID card (ICA). To replace an Emirates ID card, these are the steps:

Do something about it.


Report the theft or loss to your local ICA Customer Happiness Center so that the card may be cancelled promptly. So that you may get a hold of an ID number confirmation or a duplicate of your missing card, contact the Illinois Citizens Information Center (ICA). If your card is damaged, be sure to have a backup. Keep a copy of your identification documents handy when filing a police complaint to serve as proof of your identity.


  • A valid UAE passport and a family book are required for UAE citizens to enter the country.
  • Residents of the GCC must provide proof of UAE residence when applying for a visa.
  • Expatriate residents are required to provide a valid residence permit in their original passport.
  • For minors under the age of 15, a copy of the child's birth certificate and a colour passport picture must be provided by the parent.


Apply for a new ID card

ICA Customer Happiness Centers and the ICA UAE app on iTunes and Google Play both include forms you may fill out after reporting the event and requesting a new ID card. You can also use the eForm on the ICA website.


Pay the fines

If the applicant uses a typing centre or the eForm on the ICA website, they must pay AED 300 in addition to the AED 70 application cost for replacing a lost or damaged ID. All UAE citizens, GCC nationalities, and expatriate residents are subject to these levies. For an additional AED 150, the Customer Happiness Center at ICA main offers an expedited ID replacement service.


Your new ID card is ready for you to pick up.

To keep you updated on the progress of your application, you will get a text message from ICA. After filing the replacement application, a new ID card will be provided within 48 hours. The new ID card will be sent within 24 hours to those who requested for the quick service. After getting a communication from ICA stating that the card is available, contact Emirates Post to get your hands on it.


The Emirates ID has had its information updated.

It is required that any change to an Emirates ID cardholder's personal information be reported to the appropriate ICA division within one month after the change takes effect, according to the ICA


You must bring your original passport and Emirates ID card to one of the ICA's customer satisfaction centres in order to change any information on an existing and valid ID card.


Please be aware that you cannot make changes to the information on an existing ID card through the internet. There are Emirates ID cards for natives and expatriates alike.


Emirates ID may be canceled

ID cards must be surrendered to the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the UAE if a resident intends to leave the country or change occupations.


The surrendered ID card will be handed back to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), which issued the card, by the relevant General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.


Residents of the United Arab Emirates may use the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website to check the progress of a renewal, replacement, or new application made for an Emirates ID. Here's how to check the status of your Emirates ID on the internet:


In the United Arab Emirates, how can you check your Emirates ID status?

In order to complete numerous government operations, such as registering Ejari while renting a property or condo in Dubai, you will need to have an Emirates ID. The following is the procedure to follow in order to check the status of your Emirates ID card online on the ICA's website:


Go to the ID Card Status page on the ICA's website in the first step.


  • Fill in the blanks with your PRAN (application number) or IDN number and hit the 'check' button to finish.


  • The PRAN number may be found on your Emirates ID application form, but the IDN number is the number that appears on your real Emirates ID card.
  • Following the completion of your required information and the clicking of the button to continue, the website will show all of the information about your Emirates ID status.
  • This information contains the kind of application, your application number, your Emirates ID number, the current status, and the next actions that need to be taken in order to complete the process.


Anyone who has applied for a new Emirates ID or for the renewal of an existing ID card may utilise the Emirates ID application status check method to find out how their application is progressing in the system.



Users may also examine a comprehensive chronology of their Emirates ID application by using the 'Application History Log' feature that appears on the screen. The following will be included in the information provided in that section:


  • Date on which the application must be submitted
  • This is the date on which the application was submitted to the printer for printing.
  • The date on which the information was verified
  • The date on which the card was produced is shown on the back of the card.
  • The date on which the card was sent to the post office so that it may be distributed.


How long does it take to process an Emirates ID card with the aslo Emirates ID card Status Process time?


Which stages, as I've said, are crucial. That you will be identified after submitting an application for the recovery of your Emirates ID.


1. After you've lost all of your emirates. To retrieve your Emirates ID, you will travel to the Emirates Authority centre.

2. Hand over the ID number together with a stamped certificate from the authority centre.

3.When you've completed all of the steps. You will complete the application by going to the website https://www.ica.gov.ae/ and filling out all of the required information.

4. Finally, you will make the money, which amounts to over 300 Dirham.

These are the processes for recovering an emirates ID card if you have misplaced it. You may learn more about the company by visiting their official website. These are all straightforward processes, and if you complete them all, you will get your new Emirates ID.


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