GCC Company Dubai

GCC Company Dubai

GCC Company Dubai


General Construction Company LLC has built a reputation for honesty, quality, service, and meticulous attention to detail since it first opened its doors in 1996. Our evolution from a small local builder to one of the most reputable construction businesses in the United Arab Emirates is a reflection of the solid connections they have built with our clients over the years, as well as their customized approach to client care. With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential construction markets, they are glad to say that a large portion of their business continues to come from repeat clients and recommendations from existing customers.


The General Construction Company LLC is devoted to delivering tailored solutions that are creative and quality-driven, regardless of the size or type of the construction project. This commitment extends to meeting or exceeding client expectations and delivering better results.


At General Construction Company LLC, their approach is straightforward: they want to construct and develop more than simply beautiful homes when they build and develop. they strive to build long-term connections with their customers. Every new project is a chance for us to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones. Despite the fact that they deal mostly with concrete, steel, and glass, their finest work is generated from a sense of confidence, quality, and pride in the job they do and the people with whom they collaborate.


The General Construction Company is one of the most prominent enterprises in the United Arab Emirates.


Founded in 1996 in the United Arab Emirates with a paid capital of AED 20,000,000, Twenty Million only (US $ 544000), General Construction Company is a corporation with the legal structure of a 100 percent local LLC company with a paid capital of AED 20,000,000, Twenty Million only (US $ 544000), and operates in the United Arab Emirates with 10 percent shares owned by Mr. Hamad Ali Saif Lootah and 90 percent shares owned by Al Jazirah Investment LLC.


GCCC obtained the "Unlimited Floor" designation from the Dubai Municipality in 2007 and the Fujairah Municipality in 2009, respectively. G.C.C. established an office in Abu Dhabi in 2010 and obtained a "Special Class" classification from the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi in the same year.


Their skilled engineers and devoted team, who have been recruited from a variety of nations, have played a significant role in their success.


Their workforce comprises roughly 80 engineers and foremen with 5 to 35 years of experience in the construction industry, 25 administrative and financial staff, and more than 1500 technicians and ordinary laborers. Their organization is equipped with the most up-to-date Heavy Equipment & Machinery (25 tower cranes, 11 construction hoists, and over 320 various pieces of equipment, machines, and vehicles), which is necessary to complete any significant specialized construction project. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) maintains a labour camp with accommodations for 3500 workers and total assets of Dhs. 43.3 million (US$ 11.8 million).


With certifications in quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008, environmental management systems such as ISO 14001 and occupational health and safety assessment systems such as OHSAS 18001, G.C.C. has proven that it can be trusted on every project, and as a result, has emerged as a market-leading company that shapes the UAE construction market. G.C.C. is a member of a group of organizations that are responsible for and specialized in a variety of important duties.


All of these sibling firms are involved in the same kind of building and contracting activities. "National Quarries" and "National Transportation Co" are two sister firms of the well-known Dubai Ready Mix Co., which is backed by two additional sister companies, "National Quarries" and "National Transportation Co." ( for more information, please visit web site - www.DemixOnline.com .) . They also have a sibling firm, Radiant Technical Works LLC, that is a key supporter of GCC's .


Electro-Mechanical works for any kind of A/C – Electrical – Plumbing – Fire Fighting work.

"General Aluminum & Glass Aloma Co" is another sister firm of G.C.C. that specializes in all types of aluminum, glazing, and steel fabrication. (See the section on group of firms for further information.)


Note that the two sister companies "Radiant Technical Works LLC" and "General Aluminum & Glass Aloma Co" are committed to working only on G.C.C. projects and do not accept any other type of work.


This allows them to place greater emphasis on the quality of their work and to have the best control possible over meeting project schedule requirements.


Together with their sister firms, they have developed into a well-established construction company that is prepared to handle the A to Z of critical duties that are necessary for the successful completion of any construction project.


They are pleased to announce that they have been able to finish all of their projects on or before the date for turning them off, thanks to their planning guideline that prohibits us from taking on projects that are greater than the company's prospective capability.


The mission, vision, and values of the organization


Their vision is to become the most trusted name in construction by offering their services at the highest possible level of environmental, health, and safety, as well as quality, in order to achieve complete client satisfaction.


Mission To extend their operations by continually satisfying the expectations of customers and complying with legal requirements, which includes the improvement of customer satisfaction via the efficient application of their procedures in order to achieve continuous improvement in their operations.


Values: Sustainable business practices, such as corporate social responsibility (social, economic, and environmental), responsible governance, and equal opportunity are all anticipated values in their corporation, according to their mission.


Importance of construction history:

Building and construction industry is one of the canonading sectors of today, and it has a significant influence on the economy of every given country.


Construction Industry sectors are responsible for the construction of any infrastructure or real estate in their immediate vicinity. In the construction industry, the reach is much too vast, and HHI Lifting is making a significant contribution to broadening its coverage even more.


The Construction Industry's Function

All adjustments to the structure of a building are completed by a professional construction industry. Construction might be general or it can be based on civil engineering principles and practises. The Construction Industry is responsible for the construction of dams, roads, monuments, timber structures, real estate assets, and other infrastructure projects.


Making a Contribution to Economic Growth:

Construction is a significant industry that contributes significantly to the overall economic development of a country. The construction industry is an investment-driven sector in which the government has shown a strong desire to participate. The government enters into agreements with the construction industry to provide infrastructure for the health, transportation, and educational sectors. The construction industry is critical to the economic development of any country.


Various Clients Participate in a Construction Transaction

The construction industry has a wide range of products and services. Many different types of customers are involved, including property builders, property developers, material suppliers, and contractors. The construction industry provides customers with cost-effective building solutions, with each client taking an active part in ensuring that the contract is a financial success. In addition, the appealing building of infrastructure attracts a large number of inbound investors for commercial transactions. Construction of high-quality infrastructure promotes a healthy working environment, consequently enhancing productivity and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.


Pollution Prevention and Control

The construction business operates on the basis of calculations and within the constraints of carbon credits. Their intake of restheirces is exact because they execute the most efficient utilisation possible with the least amount of waste.


The logistics business makes a significant contribution to the building industry. It teaches efficient administration of product transportation, product handling, material delivery, and storage, among other things. The execution of logistics in the construction industry might result in cost savings of up to 2.5 percent.


Machines and tools are examples of tools.

Due to the competitive nature of the building industry, several construction equipment have been developed that make construction work easier, faster, and more safe. The following are examples of common construction equipment:


  • Aerial Lifts are a kind of aerial transportation.
  • Constructing a Concrete Mixture
  • Backhoe Loaders are a kind of construction equipment.
  • Cranes\sExcavators\sGenerators\sEngines
  • Light Towers are structures that emit light.
  • Scrapers\sTrailers
  • Welders, among many more.


Construction tools and machineries may be classified into the following categories based on the kind of construction:


Excavating and earth-moving equipment

These pieces of equipment are useful for excavating foundations and landscaping areas.


Vehicles used in the construction industry

These are heavy-duty trucks that are used for carrying out civil engineering projects.


Inventories of Material Handling Equipment

These machines are used to lift and transport building materials. For example, a crane is the most frequent kind of construction equipment that may be seen on a building site. It goes without saying that construction activities would be completed without the usage of cranes, and crane rigging is one of the company's specializations.


Equipment for the Construction Industry

These are the types of equipment that are utilized throughout the building process, such as mixes and conveyors.


As a result, as previously said, the construction sector contributes significantly to the overall prosperity of the economy. This is something that the government, as well as other regulatory bodies, need to take seriously in order to guarantee that the sector gets the attention that it deserves.


Why choose Dubai?

Dubai is one of the world's most enticing and intriguing nations. This country's beauty has been evolving since the dawn of time, and it has finally achieved its pinnacle. The skyscraping infrastructure of Dubai's most popular resort is only one of many eye-catching sights and stunning beaches that the city has to offer.


In addition to its world-class infrastructure, the rich culture, high quality of living, expanding GDP, tax-free environment, and many flexible business options make Dubai an appealing destination for visitors and business travelers. Because of this, establishing a company in Dubai is one of the easiest things you can do in the whole globe!

In the near future, Dubai will be the site of a slew of massive development projects.


In addition, a number of initiatives are already under way in preparation for Expo 2020. A US$319,1 billion building project in the United Arab Emirates was the most expensive in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


All of this points to the conclusion that now is the best moment to start a construction firm in Dubai.

Dubai's construction industry has a lot of potential.


The building industry in the United Arab Emirates is one of the country's most lucrative. The Burj-al-Khalifa, the world's tallest structure, and Marina 101, the world's tallest residential complex, are both located in Dubai. The Princess Tower and the Burj-al-Arab are two of Dubai's most famous landmarks.


In addition to the $7.8 billion allocated to expand Dubai International Airport, the government of Abu Dhabi has also approved a $6.8 billion reconstruction project for Abu Dhabi International Airport. Not to mention Dubai's hosting of the World Expo in 2020, which will open up a slew of construction-related job possibilities.


The Dubai government has invested much in the growth of Dubai's tourist industry. Promotional efforts for the Palm Jumeirah, the world's first man-made island, are also increasing everyday. Other endeavors, such as Dubai Land and the Arabian Canal, are in the planning stages.


How to Start a Construction Company in Dubai

Dubai's Building Permit is Required? It is a legal requirement in Dubai to get a business license prior to registering your construction firm there.


Setting Up a Construction Company in Dubai: What You Need to Know

Follow these steps:

  • The first step in forming a business in Dubai is to decide whether you want to do it on the mainland or in the Free Zone..
  • Registration with the Department of Economic Development would be the next logical step (DED).
  • A commercial license is required for the construction industry, which falls under the umbrella of the "commercial" classification. A business license is required to open a shop in Dubai. Employing Dubai engineers and business advisors to submit an application for a "building permit" is the next step after obtaining a permission to operate an enterprise in Dubai.
  • Professionals will conduct the next critical phase in the building process: evaluating the soil and assessing its qualities. In the instance of the Mainland Company, the Dubai Municipality issued a Building License. It is known as the G+1 permit in a free zone.
  • The environmental permit and the civil work permit are two further permits that must be secured.

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